Our 4 Favorite Elements for Your Backyard

Backyards have come a long way in terms of intention and design in recent years. It’s become more of an outdoor living space versus a “yard.” No longer are they a simple concrete patio or deck to place a few pieces of plastic furniture and maybe a grill. These days, they’re more of an extension of our indoor living areas, designed with all the indoor comforts we enjoy – but outside. Designs include elaborate kitchens, dining areas, full bars, entertainment areas, gardens – and even TVs/entertainment systems! Backyard fire pits and fireplaces have become standard too. If you’re thinking about updating your backyard living space, check out some of our favorite backyard elements below for inspiration.

Backyard Fire Pits and Fireplaces


An outdoor fire is our favorite element to create an inviting backyard.  Most of us have fond memories of evenings spent relaxing around a fire, sharing stories, roasting marshmallows, and imbibing with friends and family.  They create a warm and captivating glow, welcoming guests to gather.

There‘s two main types of fire pits. We favor the more rustic, wood burning style – but the more decorative propane fire pits and fireplaces have really taken over in popularity. These artistic fires are more like fire features than traditional fire pits.

 Backyard Dining Area



When the weather is warmer, we enjoy dining al fresco to take advantage of the fresh air and lighter summer evenings.

Every true outdoor living space with the comforts of the indoors needs an outdoor dining area. They can be simple, with standard amenities or quite detailed and extravagant, looking like they belong indoors.  Whatever your preference, it’s important to be sure everything has appropriate weather covers and is designed to stand up to the elements. Your backyard living space can boast a full dining table, simple conversation seating around a modest table or firepit, or make use of a bar seating area. This is entirely customizable to suit your backyard size, and personal style.

Backyard Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen


We love to BBQ! We enjoy grilling fresh meats and vegetables outdoors for friends and family. Our backyard BBQ grill is a straight shot from our indoor kitchen where we do all of the food preparation.  We believe in investing in a quality, multi-purpose BBQ/Smoker which does it all (like this one!) creating endless options for meals. Some incredible backyards have entire kitchens featuring built-in BBQs, various cooktops, small refrigerators and wine coolers, sinks, etc. Outdoor kitchen appliances are often made of stainless steel, making it more resistant to weather and the elements. It’s common to design these outdoor kitchens within stone or brick. The stainless steel adds a nice aesthetic, creating a rustic stone and modern stainless-steel combination. Stone also helps to anchor appliances, keeping them sturdy once installed.

Your backyard space can achieve the “outdoor kitchen” feel by using a partition or privacy screen, which can be opened and closed depending on the weather.

Backyard TV/Entertainment Area

outdoor movie

We love bringing our family together in the backyard. For us, it’s usually a break from technology and a way to connect through conversation, food, and games. However, something we’ve experimented with recently is setting up a backyard movie projector. This has been a really fun way to move evening TV-time outside when the weather is nicer. It’s all the comforts of our indoor living room (comfy furniture, blankets, pillows, popcorn (and wine!) just in our backyard!

If you don’t have a movie projector or perhaps don’t have a vacant, neutral surface to project onto, a more modern convenience would be to install a television – outdoors! They’re easy to mount or hang just about anywhere. It’s important to make sure they’re installed undercover, in an enclosed space,  or protected by some sort of cabinet to shield them from the elements and inclement weather. They look great mounted over the outdoor fireplace!

Did you feel inspired by any of the backyard elements we shared? We shared our four favorite elements, now we want to hear yours! Share with us in the comments below.

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