Turn up the Coziness of Your Backyard Patio

'Tis cuddle weather; the season of mulled wine and cozy backyard fires.

Autumn is upon us, embrace the chill

We're still gonna have a few more weeks of warm weather, but autumn is on its way. The air will begin to feel crisp at night, the leaves will change colors, and (unfortunately, the worst in my opinion) it will start becoming darker earlier.

Colder autumn weather shouldn't really interrupt your regular routine much - if you're prepared for it! Now is the time to dig out the warmer clothing, wool socks and gloves, and purchase a great backyard fire pit! Now brisk nights can become the best excuse to host friends and family in your backyard. So build a fire, fire up the grill, mix a few cocktails - and embrace fall! There are lots of ways to make your backyard, patio, porch, sideyard, or balcony super comfy in chilly weather. 




Aside from your clothing, you need something to keep you warm outside. How about a simple, low-maintenance fire pit.  It's compact, smokeless, and it's safe to sit on your wood deck! If you're determined to spend a few nights outside every week, you'll appreciate the extra warmth. It also creates a lovely ambiance, so you can cozy up with your loved ones 



Good lighting is important to extend the hours in your backyard living area.  You definitely have a lot of options in the department. We've always preferred wall mounted lights, as the decorative sconce is positioned higher on the wall and out of the way. They cast a sufficient amount of glow, and there's no cords to plug in (or trip over!)



As it starts to get chilly out, you and your backyard guests need somewhere comfortable and warm to sit. Sitting on the deck furniture, wooden chairs, metal chairs and picnic tables works well for sunny summer weather - but just won't cut it for fall/winter. Go for something made for the outdoors, weather-proof and won't retain moisture. We love a cozy sectional or loveseat. Some other options include these trendy and comfy acapulco chairs or a great hammock built-for-two.  Definitely consider warming up ALL outdoor furniture with some throw pillows and blankets.


Warm Food & Drink 

You MUST have an outdoor grill! Four reasons immediately come to mind: 1) You can continue to BBQ and cook outside throughout the cooler weather 2) You need to feed your guests! 3) Hot comfort food is a great way to warm up on a cool night 4) It's another heat source (even if it's mostly for the grillmaster). We're pretty obsessed with the Masterbuilt Gravity Series™ 560 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker. You can smoke, grill, sear, bake, roast and much more - while controlling it from an app on your phone!

Lastly, if you're going to entertain this autumn - you'll want to have an arsenal of cold weather cocktails for your guests. Mulled wine, hot toddies, and hot buttered rum are wonderful, traditional options we love this time of year! We've enjoyed spicing things up a bit differently and whipped up this Grilled Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita recipe.

Give it a try, tell us about it! We guarantee it'll warm you up this autumn - along with all our suggestions for maintaining a cozier patio and backyard this fall.