Easy Holiday Decorating & Storage Tips

Today we have another blog post by our special guest from mishmashpillows.com, Dorla.

It's almost that time of year again. Are you ready for the holidays?

Don’t worry, I have a few easy tips for transforming your home for any occasion, like the holidays!

Did you know decorating for the holidays can be made easier by simply re-covering your existing throw pillows with beautiful, vibrant, holiday themed covers?

This quick tip works great no matter which holiday is approaching! It can help relieve some stress around preparing your home for the holidays, insuring we have more time for what really matters which is spending time with our families. This is an easy solution for adding warmth and coziness to your entertaining space, which we all can enjoy around the holidays or anytime of the year.

I have a confession to make, maybe you can relate. I love the whole idea of being a minimalist, keeping things tidy and organized. Let’s be honest though, coloring outside the lines can be good for all of us. Being a little disorganized can unlock creativity we didn’t know we had! I find this helps me get more creative about being organized.


Here is my creative solution for staying organized: Easy storage of your throw pillow covers after the holidays:

  • Small decor like pillow covers are so simple to store and require very little storage space. Simply remove/replace the throw pillow covers and fold neatly like you would pillowcases and linens.
  • Store them in a linen closet, drawer, or (my favorite) inside organized boxes (with lids!) in a storage closet. I find it helpful to use spacing/dividers in my boxes. Check out these foldable containers with lids.


If you’re pillow obsessed like me you’ll definitely need a variety of sizes of storage boxes to separate and organize your pillow covers and other holiday decor.

I suggest labeling each box with throw pillow cover sizes you’re storing (18", 20", 24", etc.) and the season or holiday (Christmas, Valentines, Fall, etc.) to help keep things organized. This makes it easy to spy the storage box needed when it's time to redecorate for your next occasion.

I'm confident these tips will inspire you to store your throw pillow covers in one place and help keep things neat, organized, and easy to find – just the way we like it.

I sincerely hope that every one of you pillow obsessed followers found today’s post insightful.

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 Enjoy My Friends

 Miss Dorla