Summer 2020: It’s not over yet!

There’s still time to create your Backyard Oasis

August is not the end of summer! If you have been putting off remodeling your backyard hoping COVID would pass, you may actually be in luck. With many hard-to-find backyard items finally back in stock (think hammocks, patio furniture, outdoor dining sets, firepits) you still have time to create a dream-worthy oasis. If you have a large budget or near to nothing, you can still turn your backyard into an oasis you’ll be happy to spend the remainder of your summer your days and nights in. 

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Create an Instant Oasis

Nothing says sweet, sweet summertime relaxation like a hammock. If you’re working with a balcony or smaller backyard, it doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your hammock dreams. We love this neutral hammock. It’s high quality, sturdy, and affordable at $150 (and it fits TWO! So get one, and get cozy!)

Create Backyard Décor

Think color and texture! It’s the easiest way to add new life to any space and can certainly be applied to your current backyard. If freshening up your outdoor furniture is on your 2020 list, but not in your 2020 budget, simply add new throw pillows in a few colors, patterns and sizes to transform your space. We love these versatile and weather-resistant outdoor pillows. If your outdoor space is undercover and you’re interested in one-of-a-kind and whimsical throw pillows, check out Mishmash Pillow’s collection.  It’s our favorite and most-trusted online resource for pillows! Throw pillows aren’t the only way to spruce your outdoor space (just the easiest, quickest, and most affordable way in our opinion!). Consider adding color by painting a backyard surface - such as the roof or floor of your back porch. You can repaint a dull or aging fence a bright color for something fresh and new. Paint old terracotta planters bright colors, and brighten up your backyard or patio with your favorite plants.

Create Outdoor Ambiance

Are you plant obsessed? Nothing adds to the ambiance of an outdoor space like plants! A little landscaping can go a very long way. To greatly improve the appearance of your lawn and make it more comfortable for relaxing and for kids to play, keep it consistently mowed. To keep it green, keep it watered! Set up a hose/sprinkler after the summer sun sets and give your lawn a drink. Also, flower season is not over! Remember, most beautiful flowers thrive between August and October (like mums, pansies, purple fountain grass, crotons, and black-eyed Susans!) If you don’t have a green thumb - opt for pre-potted colorful flowers you can place and hang around your backyard in these boho macrame plant hangers.

Create an Outdoor Water Feature

Bring peace and tranquility to your backyard with a water feature in the form of a pool, spa, pond, birdbath, or trickling fountain. If you have the space (and budget) invest in an inground pool! It instantly adds value to your home and provides you with an even more valuable space to unwind. If you don’t quite have the budget for a $20,000+ pool right now, consider investing in an above-ground pool. We’ve seen some beautiful DIY deck designs around above-ground pools to give them a more complete look and area for entertaining. Something which has had a renewed popularity in 2020 is the DIY stock tank swimming pool. They’re considerably more manageable, smaller, and affordable. For apartment and townhouse dwellers with small patios and backyards install a fountain or waterfall for ambiance. We’ve seen ordinary fountains or birdbaths turned into impressive water features just by adding your own rockery and plants. 

Create Backyard Shade

What’s more relaxing than waking up to summer sunshine, taking your morning coffee and breakfast to enjoy in the backyard? We’re all spending a lot more time in the backyard during summer 2020, so it’s important to have shade options. If your backyard is lacking shade (for yourself, kids, guests or pets) your backyard oasis becomes less inviting during hot August and September days. Don’t have much space to work with? Create shade by simply adding a large standing floor umbrella which will provide shade to a large area without compromising backyard space. Big Backyard? DIY pergola is easier than you may think! Add light airy curtains for additional shade and protection. Providing a little shade will allow you to relax outside even if the sun is at its peak.

Create Backyard Lighting

We believe one of the most important elements to complete an outdoor backyard oasis is lighting. This allows you and your guests to enjoy your space long after the sun sets, into the evening hours. String lights have become a staple in nearly every backyard patio or garden. They provide soft, ambient light, and you can string them up anywhere. We favor beautiful outdoor fixtures which provide more light, like these wall fixtures which come in a variety of sizes and modern or rustic designs. Lamposts are great too, check out these unique lamps designed for mounting on posts. Alternatively, you can create a warm and inviting ambiance with a fire pit. Make s'mores, tell stories, enjoy cocktails, and play backyard games by the light and warmth of a backyard fire. This feature will certainly help to take your backyard outdoor oasis into the winter months.