About Oasis Rewards

How Do I Earn Oasis Points?
To earn Oasis points, you first need to have an account on our store. Once you have an account you can then earn reward points by placing orders and completing any of the actions in our earning section for bonus points.

How to Use My Points?

Please make sure you are logged in first! You can spend your points on any order you place through our store during checkout.

How are Review Points Rewarded?
We reward you with points for placing reviews on any of our products in our store. Once you have submitted a review please wait for us to check the review so we can approve it. Once approved you will be rewarded points. You can earn points at a rate of 1 review per week.

Do Oasis Points Expire?
No. Your Oasis points will be valid for life.

How many times can I share on Social Media?
You can share on social media our products or pages as many times as you would like. However we can only offer rewards for the first 10 times you share on social media.